14 September, 2009

Types of Internet Communities

The Internet is the fastest way to reconnect with old friends, learn about new media trends, communicate with multiple people at one time, and keep abreast of current events. Internet communities are engaging virtual spaces that assist you with finding out information about people, places, and things. You are able to speak freely and openly about things that are on your mind.

Social networking communities allow you to link up with old and new friends, see photos of them online, and meet new people. Many social networking sites have a search engine that allows you to find people by name, email address, location, and schools they have attended. Generally you will need to request the person as a friend. Sites such as MySpace and Facebook are very popular social networking communities.

Blogs are used to express a writer's political and personal views, as well as display a person's creativity through artwork, photography, written words, and video. Blogs are also used as online diaries. Writers also may critique restaurants, retail stores and travel destinations.

Dating sites are used to match people with a prospective mate. Websites such as eHarmony, ask you to register and fill out a detailed questionnaire to help match members with the same interests. The site also offers member testimonials for readers.

Online gaming communities are very popular. Community members share tips on how to master video games, learn about game developers and products, improve gaming skills, and update each other on the latest games, animation, and highlights. Some gaming communities offer the inside scoop on DVD movie and music releases.

Professional networking sites and communities are designed to help you meet serious professionals with your same interests. You can research a person's work history, resume and organization affiliations. Oftentimes, community members list their educational background, and you can network with alumni of your college or university. Members of this community may advance in their careers by inquiring about new job opportunities.

Message boards, also known as online forums or discussion sites are popular places to find information needed to make decisions on things such as purchasing electronics and fixing technical problems on your computer. Users also use forums to discuss current events or find support in reaching a common goal. Message boards are also a helpful tool when researching health related issues.


manzoor_1984 said...

nice and easy to understand descriptions :) good work

manzoor_1984 said...

So do forums that exchange accounts for other sites come in business community or just simple forums ???

manzoor_1984 said...

well it depends which kinds of accounts you are talking about actually... but if you are exchanging accounts such as rapidshare etc then those would come in business communities as far i know :)

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