10 September, 2009

How to Use Google Adsense Sandbox Tool

Do you want to be able to preview the ads that Google Adsense might display based on your content or keywords? This is a great free tool that will let you see 20 sample ads Google Adsense will display on most browsers.

this is the linkn to google sandbox checker :) enjoy

Things You'll Need:
Google Adsense Sandbox tool.

Step 1

After hours of searching for good keywords so that Google Adsense will display relevant ads, we are often surprised to find that the ads displayed after we upload our articles or webpages, have nothing to do with our site or article topic.

Step 2

There is a nifty little tool called the Google Adsense Sandbox Tool.
This is a free application that will display 20 sample Google ads based on Adsense filtering and targeting. It is similar to the Google Adsense Preview tool but works for all types of browsers. Google Adsense Preview Tool is great if you use Internet Explorer, but you can't use it in Firefox or Safari. So Sandbox gives other browser users this option.

Step 3

Just go to the website (in resources). Paste your URL or Keywords in the URL or Keyword box. Select AUTO or any other country in the drop down menu. Sandbox has the option to choose your target country if you prefer. Click on "Show Google Ads". A new window will open with the sample ads.

Easy as building a sandcastle in a sandbox!


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