10 September, 2009

How to use PayPerPost

One of the great things about the internet is that it’s possible to earn 100% profit from a blog. As long as the blogger does not pay for services and doesn’t get suckered into false advertisements in an attempt to earn quick and easy traffic, bloggers can earn 100% profit just by following a few simple steps. The profit will start slow at first, but gain momentum as time goes on.

Step 1

Set up a free blog. Use blogger.com or other free blogging platform. Just make sure that the blogging platform allows you to place your own ads on the blog. Free blogs through WordPress.com, for instance, do not allow bloggers to place ads.

Step 2

Sign up for ad revenue accounts. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for Google AdSense, Chitika.com, Kontera text link ads or any of the ad programs that pay bloggers as a result of clicked ads on their sites. Make sure, however, that each ad program is compatible with the other. AdSense is a bit picky, but they are compatible with Kontera and Chitika.

Step 3

Sign up for an affiliate product. Find a product that you not only endorse, but have experience with. The more familiar you are with a product you endorse, the more believable and saleable it will be on your blog.

Step 4

Submit your blog to a paid to post site such as Payperpost.com or Smorty.com. These sites pay bloggers to blog. Some paid to post sites don’t accept blogs on the blogger platform, so make sure you read the terms and conditions before signing up. Payperpost.com accepts blogger blogs and they also accept blogs with low Google page ranks. While the paid opportunities aren’t as plentiful for low ranking blogs as they are for a higher ranking blog, you can still find a few blogging opportunities. As your page rank increases so will your opportunities.

Step 5

Market your blog. The more traffic you get the higher the likelihood of earning money.

Step 6

Enjoy your profits. Any money earned through the above method is 100% profit. The more money you make the higher your profits.

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