10 September, 2009

How to Properly Place Keywords

Knowing how to properly place keywords will help you drive traffic to your website or blog. Keyword research is essential to a profitable blog. To properly optimize your website or blog for google adsense you need to strategically place keywords throughout your website or blog without over doing it.

Step 1

KEYWORD IN BLOG OR WEBSITE - If possible your keyword should be utilized in the name of your blog or website. This is not always possible, but if you can it is the front line in promoting your keyword and therefore your website. Do proper keyword research before creating your blog or website. You can use google adwords or other keyword software to help you do the research that needs to be done. Once you have decided on a topic, research all of the potential keywords for your topic. A good blog or website will cover all aspects of the topic so that your keywords and synonyms for your keywords will be covered. Knowing how to properly place keywords on your blog or website will get you the traffic that you are looking for.

Step 2

KEYWORD IN DESCRIPTION - Your keyword should be placed at least once and no more than twice in the description of your website. The description is the first thing that readers see in a search engine result. Make it work for you. Keyword research is essential. Take the time to research the keywords for your topic before you try to write your description.

Step 3

KEYWORD IN TITLE - Place your keyword in the title of your article if possible. This will not always be possible. Do not use your keyword if it causes the grammar to be incorrect or if it sounds weird. Knowing how to properly place keywords throughout your article will help to bring additional traffic to your article, blog or website.

Step 4

KEYWORDS IN CONTENT - Your keywords should be in the first sentence and the last sentence of your content. It is also a good idea to have it in bold at least once in your article. You can do this easily by just repeating the title at the top of the article in bold. Two birds with one stone. Your keyword should also be spread out throughout your article, but not to the point where it sounds awkward or more than six duplicate keywords per 100 words of your article.


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