14 September, 2009

How to Find Keyword Lists

Keywords are the most important part of marketing your content to generate revenue through programs such as AdSense and others. Keyword help target and promote website content, blogs, and other sites with advertisements on them. Here are a few steps to help you find high paying keyword lists that display the highest paying keyword CPC (cost per clicks).

Easy to use steps to help make valueable keyword lists:
  • Step1

    Search online for high paying keyword lists. When searching, make sure that your targeting keywords that are relevant to your content. For example if you are writing about planting a garden and you find that lawyers have a higher paying CPC than gardening, you don't want to put lawyer ads with your gardening article.

  • Step2

    Look for free keyword list. Some keyword listing sites will ask you to pay for the service of providing the highest paying keyword. I would recommend only searching for keyword list that are free, the reason is because you can find your own keyword list using tools such as google's keyword tool for free.

  • Step3

    Search forums and blogs about keyword list and success rates. Many times people have already research and found information that your looking for, plus they will provide which keywords have works and which have not. So I would suggest looking on forums and blogs for keyword lists.


    manzoor_1984 said...

    I have been using google keyword tools last 2 months and found several keywords for my new blogs,.
    However, I noticed it is getting difficult to get usable keywords lately maybe due to too many people using this free tool and took up most keywords
    Your suggest to get keyword list from forum is very helpful

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