14 September, 2009

How to Promote a Blog

All the time that you spend slaving away on your blog will go to waste if you do not know how to properly publicize a blog. When you have a blog, it is necessary to promote your blog by all the means that you have available to you. Luckily for you, promoting a blog can be fun and easy. You can follow these simple steps to learn how to effectively promote a blog and bring more readers to your blog.

  • Step1

    Think about why you want to promote your blog. Why do you blog in the first place? Are you hoping to bring more readers to your blog simply for the satisfaction of having more people read your blog or are you promoting your blog because you make money on your blog? Depending on your intentions for your blog, you might promote blog sites in different ways. For instance, if you get money from advertisements on your blog, you will want to promote your blog to bring in more paying blog readers who will click on ads.

  • Step2

    Spread the word. The easiest way to promote a blog is to post frequently on blogs with similar topics. If you make your comments on similar blogs interesting and entertaining, other readers of these blogs will recognize the worth of your words. Include a link to your blog in your signature field on all of your blog postings and your blog comments on other people's blogs. If you add something of value to the conversation, people will want to check out your blog. This way of promoting a blog is simple but can be time consuming.

  • Step3

    Use social networking and content sites like eHow to provide links to your blog. You can promote your blog on all of these channels. When you write an eHow article related to your blog topic, for instance, you can promote your blog by linking back to your blog for further information. Promote your blog in as many places as possible and soon you will increase your blog readership.


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