24 September, 2009

Glorious History of Rapplez

The Open Beta version of Rappelz launched on October 2, 2006,[25] with two separate servers available: "Tortus" , the normal PvE server, and "Pantera", the more PvP/PK-oriented server. Those who had previously downloaded the Closed Beta version of Rappelz were not required to re-download the Rappelz client to play in Open Beta; however, extensive automatic patching was done by the client before Closed Beta players could enter Open Beta.

Closed Beta ended on September 26, 2006. Closed-beta characters were deleted at the beginning of Open Beta; however, characters created during Open Beta were not deleted prior to the game's release. Open Beta ended with the official release of the game on November 03, 2006.

There are currently seven servers in service namely, "Bahamut", "Tortus", "Yeti", "Lydian" and "Pantera (PVP).", "Salamander" and the newest (opened on August 14 2007) - "Tanda", named after the game's head Game Master.[citation needed] The US test server for Epic 4 testing was called "Siren".

Epic 3: Siege for Glory
The release candidate for Rappelz right after open beta.

Epic 4: Revolution
Rappelz Epic IV was released on July 27, 2007. The expansion included a complete skill revamp, changes to the pet system, the inclusion of a second job class, and many small tweaks to the system and graphics. However, the majority of bugs and issues reported in Epic III were not resolved and Epic IV introduced many new bugs including missing skills, broken skills and items/ descriptions not translated from original Korean.

Epic 5: Dragonic Age
The first part of this update went live on August 12, 2008 and contained:
two new pets, Pet skills and development changed/added, decorative pets have been added
new dungeon, new armors, weapons, cloaks and helmets
The second part released on October 15 2008 and brought:
two new dungeons, level limit raised to 170 new armor, weapons, and accessories
a new ridable mount (ornitho) for level 120+
job points were reset for all players

Epic 6: Navislamia
This update was released on the 20th of May 2009 and contained:
High level field area updates (Level 120+), new teleport routes
two new higher level dungeons and changes to dungeon monster drop rates and items
Some monsters can now detect stealthed players.

Three new pets added, Trainee Island updated, new quests, areas and dungeon

User Interface changed, keymapping enhanced, changes to donation system and ranking.


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