14 September, 2009

How to promote your blog for free

How to promote your blog completely free in your spare time.

Things You'll Need:

  • blog
  1. Step1

    Make sure to write atleast once a week in your blog, the search engines LOVE fresh new content

  2. Step2

    Use blog carnivals to start. Submit one article every week to the carnivals that are related to that post. Only submit your best articles. No advertising articles. This will kick start your blog

  3. Step3

    Submit and bookmark every article you write to places like digg.com and stumbleupon. This will help your posts get placed in the search engines.

  4. Step4

    search for related blogs and become active members of other blogs by writing comments and using your name as the link to your blog. The more you are active on other blogs the more links to your blog.

  5. Step5

    Email the blogs and offer to write a guest article for their blog and many will say yes once you are active on their blogs for a while. This will help increase your subscribers and traffic to your blog if the blog has a lot of traffic / subscribers


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