14 September, 2009

How to Beat Any Online Game

We've played them before. There's no denying it. But have we all won, in a sense, countless times that it gets boring to keep going? I think not, and that's why I'm giving you a very basic instruction on how to beat any online game.

Things You'll Need:
A relatively fast Internet connection

Step 1

Beating an online game requires you to know strategy, and strategy can only be obtained by watching the pros play and practicing. But some basic strategies in online games, especially in an online multiplayer flashgame, is to know the strengths of your arsenal and the weaknesses of you and your opponents.

Step 2

Figure out a loophole in the game. Is there a really easy way to get kills or points quickly? Figure that out and then you'll pretty much get the game underway right away!

Step 3

Use common sense. Let's suppose an opponent was waiting at the corner just waiting to bite, destroy, or demolish your life. Just move away, dude. It's really much easier when you DON't be really stupid.

Step 4

On online paid games such as the Call of Duty series, the online multiplayer game is very fast-paced, very exciting to not only watch but be a part of. There are many pros and experienced players who know the map inside out. Know your map first of all, know your ways out, and know your ways in.

Step 5

Obstacles are the essence of any online game. An obstacle may be time, many or very experienced opponents, or any factors that could cause you to lose focus. In a fast-paced timed optical illusion challenge that I had recently played, you had to multitask, paying attention to the swirling colors while keeping track of time. The objective is to get the highest number of point while in a timeframe, so don't lose track of your time, or time will be used against you by others!

Step 6

Practice, practice, practice. There's no use reading through all of this and still not getting what it means to make a chain reaction of wins. It's practice that what really makes a player at any game good and able to defeat others. It's the experience and knowledge of the different weapons and strategies in your arsenal of skills that makes a pro what he/she is. Hope this helped!


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