18 August, 2009

How to Write A Daily Blog And Make Money With Google Ad Sense with it :)

While a lot of the world is “digging” and “tweeting” these days, to stay on the cutting edge of internet technology, some of us are just getting the hang of blogging. If you want to learn how to create and maintain a free daily blog with very little time and effort, read this brief article. You will even get more insight on how you can passively make money by placing Google Ad Sense ads on your blog.

  1. Step 1

    First find a site where you want to create your daily blog. There are a lot of good places to host a blog, each having their own set of rules, regulations and type of set up. You can simply do a Google search for the word blog and see what you come up with. The blog sites are typically free and fairly easy to use. Two popular blog sites that I like are: Blogger.com and Live Journal. They have an easy to use format. Blogger.com really encourages the use of Google AdSense ads, as well as other ways to monetize your blog in order to make some extra money.

  2. Step 2

    Pick a title for your blog. Before you name your blog, think about it long and hard. Are you going to create one blog and write about a lot of different topics? It may be easier to manage things this way, but is not the best way for people to find you in the Google or other search engines. It is also not the best way to make money by placing ads on your blog like the Google Adsense ads. If you know there are two or three topics you want to concentrate on, ask yourself: “Can I write something on all three topics every day?” If the answer is yes, create three separate blogs, and make the title relevant to what the content will contain. If you don’t think you can keep up with three daily blogs, just make one of them a daily blog, and call the other two weekly blogs. Either way, create a title(s) that give the reader an ideal what the blog is about.

  3. Step 3

    Commit yourself mentally. Set your mind on autopilot to the ideal of writing daily. Realize that if you provide useful information that is beneficial and specific to a group of like-minded people, you will eventually build a following of readers. Once you do start to get a following, they will rely on you to provide updated and fresh information on a daily basis. Start out with the right mindset. That is, you must post daily because your readers rely on you. If you don’t really want to be this committed, or something prevents you from internet access seven days a week, do not promote yourself as a Daily Blog. You don’t just have to have daily blog in order to benefit from advertising Google ads. You can have a weekly blog, or even monthly, but when you lose your momentum, you tend to lose viewers. To keep them coming back regularly, you have to be more regular.

  4. Step 4

    Choose a time of day that is best for you to write and that you will consistently be able to stick to. Unforeseen occurrences can happen to anyone, and there may be times or obstacles that prevent you from your daily blog. This happens and your readers will understand, especially if you take the time to explain (preferably in advance) any schedule changes or days of not being able to post.

  5. Step 5

    Post something daily, even if it isn’t a long post. Just because you may not be in a position to sit down and write out a long post is no excuse for not posting at all. You write a daily blog so that means posting daily, regardless. The major point is being consistent. You can always discuss any obstacles or reasons for delays of standard information, and provide a fore glimpse of upcoming posts. For Example: If you will be unavailable for a week because you’re going on vacation, let your readers know. Write a post specifically about travel, and what your current plans are. Post relevant travel information and travel site and discuss what you plan to do while away. Readers will eagerly await your return and for you to post your trip updates. Get used to including your daily blog in your daily life.

  6. Step 6

    Establish a writing tone. Get comfortable with your blog and your readers. Whatever tone you set initially, will be what they expect from you. If you want a more relaxed writing atmosphere where you can put your personality into your writing, you have it. If your personality happens to be a little more formal and conservative than someone else, that’s okay too, just as long as you are consistent in how you present your blog and your tone in your blog. These things are just as important as it is to write and post to your blog daily

  7. Step 7

    Discuss your writing schedule with household members so they will respect your time and space to do your writing. Let them get used to you being at the computer every morning before the family gets up, or every evening after dinner, or when ever it is that you choose to blog. They may end up being just the encouragement you need some days, when you may not feel like posting. They get used to you writing daily. All it takes is a simple question like: “Mom how come you’re not on the computer right now?”

  8. Step 8

    Think keywords when making posts to your daily blog. You will find people somewhere that are interested in whatever it is you are writing about. The key is to make them aware of what you have to say. Some people will accidentally stumble upon your blog. That is why you need a catchy, appealing and relative title. Others are specifically searching for what you offer on your blog so you have to put words into your blog to help those individuals find their way to you. Make sure your blog contains the key words or phrases that they would typically search for. For example: this article is about writing a daily blog and making money with Google Ad Sense. Notice how often these key words and phrases are woven throughout this article, but in a logical way. That is how your blog should be.

  9. Step 9

    Get use to monetizing your blog when you first start out. Monetizing involves placing relevant ads or on your blog to generate a profit from various ways, including commissions from product sales. If you shrug this off right now and think you’re not interested, you will only make more work for yourself later. Once you see how easy it is to put simple code, or widgets (pre-formatted easy to insert ad blocks) on your blog and earn money with them, you will want to monetize! Google Ad Sense is one of the most popular ways on the internet to monetize your blog. They not only pay when someone makes a purchase via your blog, but you can also get paid with your blog based on a certain amount of clicks or impressions on the ads. For more details on how to make money with Google Ad Sense ads, just check out the links below.

  10. Step 10

    Pay attention to Your Google Ads and see which type work best for you on your blog. Google Ad Sense allows you to actually customize the look of their ads so that they match the look of your blog. Remember, people who come to your blog and view Google ads will be interested in ads that are related to whatever the topic of your blog is. Do not make the mistake of writing your blog to accommodate your ads. Pick your Google Ad Sense ads to accommodate your blog,


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