29 August, 2009

How to Get Blogger Ranking High In Any Search Engine

How to get blogger or blogspot ranking high in any search engine?That's what this how to is all about. It's important to rank well to get targeted search engine traffic. You will have more readers and more cash in your pocket if you plan to monetize your blog.

Things You'll Need:

  • Blogger Account
  • Google Adwords Tool
  • Time
  • Patience
  • Determination
  1. Step1

    This ehow is about getting your blogger or blogspot ranking high in any search engine. It assumes you already have an account with blogger. If you don't, sign up with them. It's fast and easy.

  2. Step2

    Do your research before you type in what the url of your blog should be.
    Decide on what subject or subjects to blog about. Then you will have to find the right keywords for these subjects.

  3. Step3

    Use the google adwords tool to find the right keywords. Keywords is a combination of 2 or more words that search engines to rank your blog.
    Type the subject you want to write about in the box which says "enter one keyword or phrase per line".

    See what keywords are there and focus on the ones which have higher traffic. Click on the global search volume column so that the keywords with higher traffic are at the top.

  4. Step4

    The next step is to see how much competition there is for that particular keyword. Open up google search or another major search engine page in a new tab of your browser. Type in the keywords in quotes. Note the number of sites available for that keyword. This is your competition. You want to choose keywords with the highest demand and lowest competition.

  5. Step5

    If there is too much competition, then go back to your google adwords result and use the next keyword which has search volume. Place that in the search engine and see what the competition is. Continue doing so until you find the right keywords for your subject with low competition.

  6. Step6

    It's very possible that the subject you want to blog about has keywords in which the competition is too high. You are not able to find keywords with high search volume and low competition.

    In this case you will have to use long tail keyword to get your foot in the door of the first page of search results. For example, if I wanted to blog about making money online and noticed the competition is too high for those keywords. In that case I would create a long tail keyword by using those keywords and adding 1 or more keywords to the end of the phrase. I could use make money online now, make money online easy, or make money online with adsense. The secret is finding words to keep your phrase as short as possible while keeping competition low and demand high. You will have to try many keywords. There are also free and paid keyword tools on the internet to help you find that perfect keyword phrase.

  7. Step7

    After keyword selection is complete, keyword placement and keyword density can be worked on. Place your keywords in your url, title page, first post title, and in the first sentence of the first post of your blog. For each page of your blog you will have to keep the keyword density at 2%-4%. This means if on one page of your blog you have 400 words, the main keywords should be repeated 8 - 16 times. Don't over use your keyword or search engines will consider it spam.

  8. Step8

    Ideally you should have several pages of your blog already built up before publishing. The more word count for each page the better. 400 or more word count per page is ideal. 1000 word count per page is excellent.

  9. Step9

    Then work on backlinks. These are links which point to your website and your website does not point back to them. They are also called inbound links or one way links. Ideally your content should be so good that people will naturally begin to link to your site and you will rank high without doing much.

    Often the process needs help getting jump-started. Pick popular sites where links can be created to point back to your sites. Article sites are often the best choice in this area. Some article sites allow you to put links and some forbid it. It's best to write a short amount of content on these site and have them point back to your site. Don't put your best material on other sites! The best article sites which allow one to put links and not write too much material are listed in the resources section.

  10. Step10

    Continue building inbound links slowly and steadily using social sites, book-marking sites, article sites, directories, blogging sites and commenting on other blogs.

  11. Step11

    Sign up for google analytics to determine who is visiting your site, why are they there, and where did they come from. Use this information to tweak your blog for maximum visitors. Analytics is free but will take a while understanding.

  12. Step12

    Continue making long posts with your main keywords and keyword density in mind. Do this on a regularly basis. Not more than 1 post a day and Not less than 1 post a month. Continue building backlinks and tweaking your site. These 3 things will slowly but surely lead you to the fist page of any search engine.

Important Tips:

  • Slow and steady will help you get to the first page of any search engine.
  • Work on inbound links each day but don't over do it. 1 - 10 links per day is fine.
  • Also use alternate keywords in your blog. They will support your main keyword.
  • Don't put too many inbound links too quickly. Search engines will see this as not being natural and put you lower in the rankings.
  • Don't excessively use alternate keyword as they may become your main keywords! Only repeat them once or twice per page.
  • When commenting on other blogs, genuinely read one or more of their posts and be a contributing member before posting your link. Otherwise your post can easily be construed as spam.

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