14 August, 2009

Get More People to Comment On Your Blog

Getting more people to comment on your blog can make your blogs quality sky rocket!

If people are responding to what you have say whether it be positive or negative, you are still moving up the ladder.

Most people who fail at writing their blog, or fail to receive comments become this way because they aren't focusing on what they are writing. I have found that the more I focus on my topic of choice, the more comments I receive. Its an unexplainable phenomena that just occurs. Before you write your post, tell yourself that you want people to comment.

When you are interested in posting something, or getting your word out. People will often listen. When people listen, they are focusing on what you have to say so they can create their own opinions of you. Once these opinions are in their head, they want to get them out as much as you, so in turn it usually gets you comments.

Set up your blog so it is DO FOLLOW

Did you know that your blog might be set up so it is no follow? No follow means that when a blogger comes to your site, and wants to leave a comment he will not benefit if he posts his website or blog, so he will probably just ignore it and not comment. However DO FOLLOW means that when they post their site, the commenter benefits in some way. No Follow tells Google to ignore, while DO FOLLOW tells Google to Retrieve.

At The End of Your Post; Ask Others For Their Opinions / Comments

Don't be afraid to ask for others opinions. If you want to run a successful website/blog you are going to have to listen to what others think about you and your site. By not giving others the chance to make opinions about you whats the point of writing anything? Remember negative comments do as much good as positive comments. When you are finishing up you post try to mention things like "so what do you think about this INSERT POST TOPIC", or "if you have any opinions feel free to comment".

Replying To Others Comments

This is extremely important. Why? Because when you respond to your comments you create conversation. Conversation is a very good thing because it shows others are REALLY interested in what you are doing. This will also cause others to enter the conversation as well. Try to imagine it as a Forum Thread. Thats how forums grow, by creating conversations.


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