22 August, 2009

How to Blog for Additional Income Eventually

Things You'll Need:
  • A computer
  • Domain name (web address)
  • Hosting service
  • Good/Interesting content
  • Patience

  1. Step 1

    Think of a few possibilities:

    First you will need to think of a domain name (web address) for your blog. This name "should" give people an idea of what your blog is about. For example if you are a photographer and your name is Susan, you might want Susansphotos.com. Once you think of some ideas it is time to check to see if they are available.

  2. Step 2

    Perform some research and pick what is best for you and your expected needs Finding the proper hosting service is the second step. You will need to examine the different packages including the amount of disk space, bandwidth, databases, etc. Does the company have a good reputation with good customer service and technical support? You can perform some research before you decide. Once you decide on the service and package, you will generally be given the opportunity to check for the domain name(s) you chose. As stated in step 1, have a few domain choices as some may already be taken or expensive to purchase.

  3. Step 3

    Now you have to think about which blogging platform will you use. There are many out there, each with its advantages and disadvantages. I personally like WordPress for its ease of installation and use. WordPress offers many themes, widgets and plugins to choose from. Which ever you choose, please choose wisely.

  4. Step 4

    Quality Quality Quality

    Now that you are up and running. Start providing content. Blog about something you know a lot about or something that inspires you or motivates you. For now, just worry about posting quality content for a while (at least several months). Join blogging forums to see what others or doing, share ideas, receive tips and tricks. Get yourself familiar with the blog culture.

  5. Step 5

    Once you have several months of quality content and some serious traffic, you should consider placing advertising and/or affiliate links on your site. Google Adsense, Chikita, Kontera use your post's or site's content to generate products that relate to the content. Amazon has an affiliate program which is free to join and they allow you to pick and choose which products you would like to advertise. Depending on which service you employ, payment may be based on clicks per ad and/or purchasing through the link you provided. Some advertising or affiliate site have requirements and others do not so be sure to read the Terms and Conditions.

    DO NOT expect to make money over night. It takes time to develop your style and your audience. If you keep at it, chances are the people will come and if the people come, chances are you can make money!


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