11 October, 2009

How to post on a blog when you have no ideas

Well first of all the instant that you don’t have a topic to post on your blog is the most beneficial moment in a bloggers life as far I know because at that moment when you start writing just in the post there is like a flow of ideas popping into your head. What to do when this happens to you ??? for one thing …. Get a notepad and write all those ideas down cause they are something that your own mind created and hence they are unique. Like rightnow … would you believe I ran out of ideas to post today so I just started typing and all of a sudden a unique post was created that comprises of my own words, phrases, ideas and even mistakes. That’s what counts when you want to make a totally original blog :)

Ok so now that you got all your ideas in front of you in your notepad, just go through them and look at which topics that you can post on easily, (This is important so pay attention) the ideas on which you can post easily?? Just cut them off… Yeh you read correctly … cut them off … that’s cause the easy one’s are always the one’s that many others have written on also. The one’s that you may find difficult on your list are the one’s you should concentrate on. Select one topic from the hard one’s that you think you can blog on ( now don’t start a blog just yet okay !!! ).

What you wanna do at this moment is just get on the net and get all the information you can get on that topic, print the info… yes print it cause keeping bookmarks is not that efficient when you wanna make an original blog… cause reading from papers gives you more time to concentrate on a subject and hence it gives you more ideas :)

Ok now that you have done all the research, the head spinning ideas searching thing., now its time for the real thing ??? whats that ??? Well Dah ! Blogging :) Now what you wanna do is choose a good URL Link for you site or blog this is important cause the topic of your blog should be in it cause it depends on people to get to your blog … what this is about that is when people search for like blog ideas there are hundreds even thousands of pages out there that give you results but we wanna attract those people direct to your blog by getting on the top list of search results :) that’s done by marketing and posting unique posts :)

After you have decided on a Url, now comes the Topic !!! This is what your blog is about so be frank and explain it in your own words :)

Now comes the post :) this is totally upto you cause I can’t tell you what to post and what not to post :) just make sure that you mention the topic of your blog in all your posts and be original … don’t copy and paste stuff from somewhere else ok !!!

Include a picture??? You may think … is it really important??? well yeh it is actually .. 40% of all searches done on yahoo, msn and google are image posts :) so be sure to include 1 :) and make it an original like edit it in paint or adobe and write your name and link at the bottom on the image to make it your property :)

Now its time to preview your post :) make sure it looks homely and simple to attract people :) and Publish :)

Now what ??? Now your Done …

Post a minimum of one original post everyday this ensures that your blog link will be included in search engines and that your blog is upto date also :)

Now all I can say is Best of luck :) And if you Like this Post and wish to copy paste … then please link back to this blog so I can get some credit also cause as you know :) the universe revolves around itself sooner or later and the more you help it out the better it works out for you :)

Bye and Best of Luck :)


manzoor_1984 said...

nice post :) well the advise you are giving is good and i know that it is cause i have been there also, anyways the notepad idea i will use and thanks also for telling me to include keywords that are connected to my blog :)

manzoor_1984 said...

great informations


manzoor_1984 said...

i cant post everdyday, but 2 posts a week. is it enough?? sometimes in my head i dont find something to write in my blog.

manzoor_1984 said...

Great post and great information. I will visit often

manzoor_1984 said...

My editing compulsions just caused me to delete my own comment. Phooey! Anyway... this is timely. Still haven't figured out what to post, today, myself. I know bloggers who have 70+ drafts sitting around in their folders. Not me. I fly by the seat of my pants. These are good tips. Reading through your post, with all the exclamation marks and question marks, I got a little giddy and breathless. But I would rather read ORIGINAL material than the most well-edited but tightly-targeted ad copy or "recycled" and unoriginal articles. I really prefer blogs where the author's voice shines through.

manzoor_1984 said...

I often find inspiration in news stories or articles I read from local newspapers or online, if I am struggling for a blog topic I will scour twitter, or news.google.com on what is latest. Sometimes I will just visit some blogs on blogsearch as well. This is why I always save a few rainy day posts though, articles written but never published. I reserve them for days where I have no inspiration.

manzoor_1984 said...

Hii Manzoor,

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